Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Yesterday, I watched the bluebirds feeding their nestlings.  What a noisy, hungry bunch!  I figured they would soon be leaving the nest.
Here is the female feeding the baby birds.
If you look carefully, you can see a nestling looking through the opening in the bird box.
This morning I watched the male bird seemingly try to coax the fledglings from the box.  He called, flew to the box, flew back to the tree, called again.  A couple of times he went inside the box.  I had other things to do and couldn't just watch all morning, so I went on about my chores.  This evening, I could hear the bluebird calling in the edge of the wooded area nearby.  Maybe the birds finally left the nest today.  I will look tomorrow to see if there is any activity at the box.
I've enjoyed watching them raising their brood.


  1. I have become a bird watcher. I have one bird box of Chickadees and some beautiful read colored birds in the RV Port.
    I got up a few days ago to find five babies on the deck below the bird house, dead. Now it seems the chickadees are setting more eggs, I am surprised, but I hope they are. I cannot imagine what killed the babies, do squirrels do that? I know snakes do but the snake would have eaten the birds methinks?

    Love the pictures. Sweet entry!

    1. I don't know what happened to your birds. I'm sure a snake would have swallowed them right there in the nest.

  2. I love watching bluebirds. The storms over the last few years destroyed our houses. I need to build some more.