Sunday, April 24, 2016

A plant called green and gold

Since childhood, I've enjoyed seeing the little flower called green and gold blooming on a road bank.  I transplanted a little from the road bank at Mom's to my property here.  I planted some under a pine in the back yard and another little dab in front of the porch.  At some point I gave a little division to my neighbor.  Hers thrived while mine all died out.  So I begged a division back from my neighbor.  I tried to baby mine just a little with extra compost and waterings.  It has lived, so I'm transplanting a little to the corner of the sidewalk by the front porch again.  It makes me happy to see the yellow next to the red verbena in the pot my menfolk gave me last year. 
When I was a little girl, I had a tiny doll with a red and yellow calico dress.  I thought that was the most cheery color combo imaginable.  I still like red and yellow together.




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  2. Love the pictures. I see them as we walk over here. I am trying to root some 'butterfly bushes' (what ever they are) so far, 4 days, I haven't loved them to death.
    Always enjoy the visit.