Thursday, February 18, 2016

A gift in good taste

My darling husband did a wonderful job with this gift this past Christmas.
I say that tongue-in-cheek, and I might as well explain what I mean.  I had decided to buy some gift sets of sea salt for Christmas gifts.  The more I looked at them, the more I liked them.  I said, "I almost want one of those sets for myself."
My husband said (and who knows if he meant it), "Well, why don't you get one, wrap it up, and say it's from me, and I'll pay for it."
So I did.
I chose a green and blue (my favorite colors) salvaged wrapping paper.  The hoarders will know what I mean.  It was from a prior gift, too pretty to throw away, but probably with too many strategically placed wrinkles, tears, or tape pieces to actually use.  I actually had to piece the paper on the back side of the gift, which was totally okay since I knew the recipient wouldn't mind!
(It's the package with the green and blue background with the folksy snowman with the red scarf and heart shaped buttons.)  When my husband asked me who the packages were for, I told him that one was to me from him.  "It is?"
Yes, you told me to get the salt gift set and say it was from you.
"I did?"
When we opened our gifts, I dutifully said, "I wonder what this could be."  "Oh, how nice, just what I wanted!" And it was.
I recently got around to trying some of the salts.  I sprinkled a little of alder smoked sea salt on some pork roast, and I sprinkled a little of the French grey salt in the kale I boiled.  Of course, I taste tested them before using them.  The alder smoked sea salt had a nice smoky aroma when I opened the package and a robust flavor on my tongue.  The French grey sea salt had a similar flavor to a mouthful of Ocean Isle sea water.  Anyone who got tumbled over by a wave on the NC coast will be able to identify.  So, all the flavor without the terror.
I'm enjoying my Christmas gift.  It was more to be desired than a hot air balloon ride on a cold, cloudy day.  Of course the Lindor truffles dh got for me ranked right on up there as well.


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  1. Good story. Funny that, I bought our first sea salt this week. I haven't tasted it yet. But some recipe called for it and Now I don't remember which one. (LOL)

    I don't know of any time it would be bad to do a HOt /air balloon. I always wanted to. but balked at the cost for a real ride, and had no desire for a tethered ride. ha!

    But to the post the 'truffles' sounded good!
    I talked to the Dr(s) today, all ladies, and they agreed to do it toward the end of next month. If it is half as good for me as this one, I will be tickled.