Monday, February 8, 2016

A few more Halifax pics

Here is the historic courthouse.  There are much better pictures to be had than the one I shot as we were leaving.  (Yes, the clock has the right time.  I love when large outdoor clocks are kept on the correct time.)

Here is the Historic Halifax Baptist Church where darling son played music with John White a week ago.
Here are some photos of the Tap Room and the Eagle Tavern.  The taverns were social centers during their time of operation and served as community meeting rooms, hotels, post offices, etc.  I had a heavy feeling when I read that slave auctions were held there as well.
The Eagle Tavern (which now houses museum exhibits):
The exterior of the Tap Room (a photo I took last June):

Pics inside and from upstairs in the Tap Room.

There is still more to see.  Maybe I will have to make another trip there sometime.  The little brick building that can be seen from the window of the Tap Room served as the clerk's office and also housed a printing press.  I had hoped we could tour it.  Maybe next time.  There is also the Montfort Archaeology Museum just a little ways below the clerk's office.
Still lots to see.



  1. There is something 'sweet' about visiting the past. YOur mind wandering more than there are answers to the pondering.
    Funny I love huge clocks also, and it is an extra if they keep the correct time.
    The chimneys on the two story houses always amaze me, That is a lot of bricks and scaffolding, especially the yellow house.
    Love from a cool and windy Florida!