Saturday, February 20, 2016

A new knife

Once a man at a local hardware store overheard me ask my son why he thought he needed one of the knives in the case when he already had a few knives at home.  The man tried to explain that knives were to guys like earrings were to gals:  "You can never have too many."  I pointed out to the man that I did not have earrings.  Like a good salesman he tried to adapt by changing the analogy to shoes.  I still wasn't impressed, but I think my son took it straight to heart and began accumulating a ridiculous number of knives.  I thought he should take his time, save his money, then get a good quality knife rather than snatching up every knife that caught his eye.
I definitely like to deliberate over a purchase, and I finally bought a knife I've wanted for a while.  Who knows, I might even want to start a collection.


  1. No you won't, you will spend that saved money on shoes! ;-)
    I do have my favorite pocket knife and my special Kitchen knife. Now I only have three pocket knives, I have had more, but I am subject to losing them in chairs.
    That one looks like it has a good none-slip handle. I like a knife that holds an edge, but with the latest sharpeners they are sharp with only a pass or two. (but the carbon cuts the blade more than a whetstone. I would bet my grandpa's knife was 50 yrs old.

    I like the scabbard you have also, with the fixed blade knife.
    Everyone needs a knife!

    1. I liked shoes better when my feet were younger, if you know what I mean. Right now I'm wearing a pair of sneakers that I have worn slap out. I really do need to go find a replacement pair. It's not my favorite thing to do; it's hard to find a pair that feels comfortable to my feet.
      I might have more luck finding a knife that is comfortable in my hand. I sure like the way this one feels.