Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The acorn cap whistle

How I managed to grow up in an area full of oak trees without learning about an acorn cap whistle is an amazement to me.  But better late than never, as they say.  A few weeks ago, someone told me a large acorn cap, such as a red oak acorn cap, could be used as a whistle.  I was able to make a whistling sound by using the same position as whistling into my hand (which my cousin had showed me when we were youngsters).  However, as I suspected, there were lots of videos and instructions on the internet of how to whistle with an acorn cap, and I quickly learned a much more reliable technique.
Last week when I took a walk at the local nature preserve and someone on an adjacent property began target practicing with a .38, I blew my whistle hoping to alert any and all to my location. 
I'm thrilled to have learned this simple whistle.

my acorn cap whistle

(If you want to see a picture of how to position your thumbs, check out the simple instructions on THIS PAGE.)


  1. Okay That is a new wrinkle in my horn. I have never heard of the Acorn cap whistle. Now when I find one imma gonna try it. Since I have had the implant I have started whistling again. I could not hear myself before. (smile)

  2. I never heard of it either. That's interesting.