Thursday, July 23, 2015


My older brother is quite the peach farmer, and he picked some peaches for us.  Darling husband picked them up for us.  (They weren't too far from his regular route.)
I cut up some for us to eat fresh and to some I added a little half and half for dh and ds to eat in the mornings.
I put some in the freezer.

I got a little adventurous tonight and made a peach-mango salsa.  In my eagerness, I picked the first two banana peppers before they were completely mature, but, no matter, they went into the salsa anyway.
I even made a pie (with a store-boughten crust--oh, how the mighty have fallen!).
Peaches have to be one of the best flavors and aromas around.  Life is good when you're eating fresh peaches.


  1. Ahhhhh, I love peaches. Just looking at that box I thought of a Camp Meeting in Missouri. On the way out to MO we passed thru Kings MT and bought a bushel box of Peaches. At the Camp ground, at camp meeting we placed them in the center for everyone to use. There were so many compliments on NC Peaches.

    When I was little I liked them off the tree with just a touch of red, making them hard, I liked that. But over vanilla Ice cream, I do like them soft and sweet.

    The pie looks delicious...

    1. I have to ask if you ate them peel and all when you were a kid.