Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bell pepper, tiger swallowtail, volunteer coleus

Yesterday, I picked the first bell pepper.  This is a red variety, and I really do like the flavor of a ripe bell pepper, but I was afraid the bugs would get it if I left it in the garden.  I planted the pepper plant on May 19.  It was in a little biodegradable pot that could be put right into the ground.  Fifty-six days is not bad for growing a pepper.
I also caught a picture of a tiger swallowtail on the coneflowers.  The coneflowers have had a banner year.
Here's an update on the pot of volunteers.  If I get a chance, I'll separate the plants.
(My camera doesn't capture purple colors very well.  In researching on the web, I've found that problem is not uncommon with my kind of camera.  It has to do with the white setting, but I don't know if that is something that requires a technician to change.  So the petunia really doesn't look in real life like it looks in the picture, but it does still clash in real life with the coleuses.  Until I have a chance to separate them, though, I will just refer to them as a "riot of color.")


  1. the color appears to come through great. I am just getting here. Computer problems, I still have maybe a hundred 'apps' to get reloaded, including my Blogger programs. PLUS Mark just drove in for a few days.

    I love the Monarch, butterflies are some of the greatest paintings of God in nature.

    1. I tried to take a picture of a purple iris this spring, and it looked blue. I had the same problem with periwinkle. My rose of Sharon is a lavender color, and I have to reduce the highlights and increase the saturation of the picture to get it to look halfway decent. I tinkered with the petunia picture, too. It might look alright, but the color isn't accurate.
      Hope you get your apps reloaded without too much frustration. (Do you use all those apps? lol)