Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love finding info and inspiration on the internet

My friend Jack mentioned in a comment on my last post that the info about squash vine borers was new to him.  That is what I love about the internet.  In looking up info about borers, I found a couple of websites that were beneficial to me.  One had excellent information but was for gardeners farther north where there is only one generation of vine borers per summer.  Apparently we have two here in NC.  This website was very informative and relative to the timing of the borer life cycle in NC.

This website was good, too, though the timing would be for Minnesota gardens.  I usually find information that is put out by public university extension services to be good quality info.

And while I'm mentioning websites for info, I'll also post a few blogs that I visit regularly for inspiration. This is one of my favorites.  Lots of inspiration for organic gardening and self sufficient living. This is another favorite.  Recipes and lots of info on gardening.

I'll confess, I love the pictures on this blog:  I do get inspiration, too, but mostly I get pleasure from looking at the pictures and dreaming.

The only drawback is being tempted to spend too much time researching and not enough time actually "doing."

Well, I'm off to hang the clothes on the line and maybe do a little mowing if it's not already too hot.

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