Monday, July 20, 2015

Buzzard drying its wings

As has happened frequently over the last few weeks, the heat of yesterday afternoon brought a thundershower.  After the shower, I noticed a turkey vulture drying its wings.  There is a rugged pine that stands out from the others behind my neighbor's house.  I think it had a deer stand in it once upon a time, so it might have been left when some of the other pines were cut.  The vulture was using that pine as a perch.  I took a few pictures.

 I moved a little closer, but by that time the buzzard had folded its wings.  I waited...
I guess it was finished drying its wings and wouldn't oblige me by posing.  Oh well, there was a teddy bear cloud in a different direction that was fairly begging to have its picture made.

1 comment:

  1. Nice distance shot.
    Love the cloud. We have had so many cumulus clouds lately I have felt like a kid again, Hey that one looks like.....
    Yours does look like a Teddy, that is for sure.