Friday, July 17, 2015

Fledgling bluebird

I've been watching the activity at the bluebird house recently.  Just yesterday, I could see the parent birds taking food to the birdhouse and removing fecal sacs as they flew from the birdhouse.  Today, I saw both male and female flying back and forth from the maple to the crepe myrtle and calling.  I figured the fledglings had left the box or were getting ready to. 
This afternoon when I stepped outside, I saw a bird in the mulched area.  It looked like a fledgling.  I got my camera and watched as it took a wobbly flight to the neighbor's pine and perched itself on a knot on the trunk.

Papa Bluebird was vigilantly following.  You can see him perched on a limb of the pine.
Soon after I took the picture, the fledging flew to the edge of neighbor's wooded backyard.  Safe travels, little bluebird!

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  1. WEll what a sweet post. How neat to catch the first flights of the baby bird. They mature fast it seems, once they leave the nest. Good catches in the photos.