Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lilies, butterflies, squash borers, and more

July is hot and humid, but the daylilies and coneflowers don't seem to mind.  And the butterflies seem to do well as long as the flowers do.



The rose of Sharon looks good, too.
The vine borers have found the squash.  It happens every year--just when the vines start to produce, the borers demolish them.  I was able to find one of the larvae, and I ran the knife around in the other vines.  We'll see what happens.
On the bright side, some coleuses and petunias volunteered in this flower pot.  I was doubly surprised by the petunias because they must have been from plants from two years ago!
And it's always a pleasure to see the tiny blue-gray gnatcatcher flitting about in the trees.  Eat up, little friend, eat up!




  1. Beautiful pictures 'cept the vine borer. I think something like that happened to Shirl's squash. Does it mainly happen to the Squash? Her Watermelon and cantaloupe vines are doing well, but the squash is DEAD!

    1. Yes, the squash is the main victim, especially summer squash (like the yellow crookneck that is so popular). Butternut squash is not as susceptible. The best success I've had with squash is probably when a butternut squash volunteered on my compost pile. Or maybe the first year or two that I grew yellow squash before the borers found my garden.