Friday, November 7, 2014

Mountain trails and such

We happened upon a few sections of the Mountains to Sea Trail while we were in the mountains in October.  I don't expect to ever hike the whole thing, but I enjoyed walking bits and pieces of the trail that (as it is currently configured) goes by our subdivision in the flatlands.  One section we walked was on the Parkway south of the intersection with US 25 and the other section was at the Parkway Visitors Center north of the intersection with US 74.  (Pictures are from Caleb's phone.  He took all except the one of him.)  The stuffed bear is in the information center.  The last picture is the information center parking lot.  The time we were in the mountains was rainy, but as we were getting ready to come home, the weather was starting to clear up.

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  1. There is an excitement in hiking. The addition of fall color, is just an added benefit. Looking good. We have thought of the Mountains to the Sea Trail, but not enough to get on it and give it a walk. But I like to think I could still do that..... (smile)