Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Ground

Caleb spends a lot of time playing music.  He has recently joined Victoria Lee and New Ground.  I think this band will keep him pretty busy.  He plays with other bands, too.  I'm not sure what a person does when the schedules of the different bands conflict.  (So far, he hasn't signed any contracts.)
Tomorrow night he will be at Common Grounds with Hi Grass, filling in for the mandolin player.
I guess we have to credit Roger with teaching Caleb to play.  Roger's been playing for ages.  Here he is on his bunk in Vietnam, picking and grinning.
Long live good mandolin picking!

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  1. I like the mandolin. Any military guy who has and can play the guitar, Mandolin or Banjo is in demand. Any time but especially in the evenings. the troops will wear the entertainer out with, 'play that again' or 'Do you know xxxx?' it doesn't stop until the guy says I have got to get some sleep. then it is AW.. one more.
    Sounds like Caleb has his hands full....
    From Stroudsburg Pennsylvania...