Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It is good to visit with family and support each other in time of grief.  Last Saturday, I was able to visit just a little with Mom and Dad.  (Mom fed us, of course!)  I'm posting a few pics of things I saw at Mom's Saturday.  Mom loves flowers, too, so she has been pleased with the crepe myrtle and the zinnias.  The little green lizard (Carolina anole) is considered welcome because he eats the bugs.



  1. Glad you could be with family, oh yes, I have no doubt mama feeds you. Mamas just do that. The flower colors are pretty even the green guy. Must be his day off from selling Insurance... (smile)

    1. Yes, the little green guy was a cutie. He really didn't want to be still to have his picture made. There was a little spider web and a piece of debris in it swinging in a circle in the wind. The lizard eyed it as if it were a gnat circling. I think he figured out that it wasn't a live bug, but it kinda made me wonder how a lizard processes info.