Friday, August 15, 2014

Can you multitask?

If women are good multitaskers, I'm an outlier; I just don't have what it takes.  I marvel at people who can do several things at once.  My mother always laughed about the cartoon that had a woman answering the phone with one hand, cooking with the other hand, and pushing a cradle with one foot.  The man in the cartoon is sitting with pencil and paper musing, "Now what could she do with the other foot?"
The headline I just read takes the cake, though:  "Busy mom has baby while registering son at school"!!

Do you multitask?



  1. I'm not much at multi tasking. I like to clear my plate before starting another job. Everyone can do a semblance of multitasking, but the multitasker has a different mind or mind set me thinks. I can do a meal as long as it is in one pot (or one pot at a time) Good cooks amaze me, they seldom forget the bread is baking while they are peeling potatoes or frying chicken., me? I remember it when someone says what is that burning? (smile)

  2. Mama was pushing it too close......... Wonder where daddy was? I am sure he was too busy for such a normal occurrence, the 4th!