Thursday, August 21, 2014

More on goober peas

I had more I wanted to say about boiled peanuts and peanuts in general.  When I was growing up, we ate lots of raw peanuts and lots of "parched peanuts" which were basically peanuts roasted unsalted in their shell.  Usually at Christmas, Mama would shell some of the parched peanuts to make peanut brittle.  We sometimes grew peanuts, and sometimes we would buy a large netted bag of raw peanuts.  We never had boiled peanuts, though.  Probably my first encounter with them as an adult was from a can.  I wasn't impressed.  But when someone gave us fresh ones that he had cooked himself, I thought they were great.
A couple of years ago, we stopped on our way to the beach and picked up some.  I bought some already boiled, and some to take home and cook myself.  We took the boiled ones out onto the beach, and it didn't take the birds long to find them.  They were black-colored birds (perching birds of some sort).  They were very clever and persistent, and I had to hide the peanuts in my beach bag AND zip up the beach bag.  I don't blame the birds; the peanuts were delicious.
The ones I took home I cooked using these guidelines so my husband, who didn't get to go to the beach with us, could have some.  Last year my friend Brooks Pearce gave me some of the peanuts he had boiled.  He says he uses 2 ounces of kosher salt per pound of peanuts.  After cooking "till done," he leaves the peanuts in the salty water for a few hours to soak up the salt.  I'm sure that's one of several different ways to do it.  I don't know precisely how long he cooked his.
I should try growing some of my own again.  I've grown them once or twice when Caleb was young.  We harvested a small pan of them which we washed in a bucket.  After we washed the goober peas, my own little goober had to get in the bucket.  There's something about kids and water...

I can hardly say "goober pea" without thinking of my older brother singing, "Oh how delicious, eating goober peas!"
Do you like goober peas?


  1. Yeah? Well now thanks to you ...Peas Peas Peas peas, eating goober peas. is running over and over in my head. HaHa.
    Parched peanuts are the best. I love the boiled salted ones and I had never thought of the salt, but some do taste better than others. My first intro was in a can also but I didn't think they were too bad, but I LOVE peanuts.
    My dad was a peanut farmer in Georgia when he felt the call to preach.
    I like the peanut before it dries, after that just raw, boiled and parched. But I think parched is preferred because of the stories I heard as we parched and ate them at GGrandpa's house.
    THANKS for a neat post. Imma thinking maybe, just maybe Calebs feet would fit the bucket now. Love the cute pictures.

  2. On another subject, After reading Granny's poem something bothered me. I just read a poem written by one of my favorite poets, Edgar Guest. His style was what I was seeing in Granny's prose.