Monday, April 3, 2017

Asparagus with lunch

Yesterday, I noticed a stalk of asparagus coming up in my weedy asparagus bed.  I also saw a wild stalk that had self seeded near the camellia bush.  It was tall and rank.  I made a mental note to cut the stalk in the bed first thing this morning.  For lunch, with a serving of leftover lasagna, I had the asparagus stalk which I chopped up and cooked in the microwave with a little butter and sea salt.
In other garden news, I had some leftover seed potatoes, and decided to plant them where the compost pile had been a year or so ago.  The area was about 3' x 5' which was perfect for the 18 seed pieces I had left.  You can see the organic matter from the compost has given this bed a little darker color than the first bed I planted.  I hope the potatoes thrive here.
3' x 5' bed where compost pile had been 

where butterbeans were last year


  1. funny, maybe strange, I had never heard of Asparagus until I was 17. I was told to eat every thing on my plate so when served the mystery veggie, I ate it. Not bad. But I probably liked the canned spears best. that is the only way I have had them since leaving the ship.(30 years ago)LOL
    Nice garden area. I bet the potatoes thrive!

  2. We're working on our garden too. Woo Hoo.