Sunday, April 23, 2017

Flower seeds

Not too long ago, my son bought a used book.  The book was one on which a recent movie was based.  In the book were a couple of bookmarks advertising the movie.  The bookmarks had paper butterflies that were embedded with wildflower seeds.
I'm not likely to read the book nor see the movie, but I did plant the seeds yesterday.

I covered them lightly.  I marked them with stones because I might sow some more wildflowers in this area, too, and I will want to know which flowers are which.  This is an area near the septic drain field where I have spent quite a bit of time removing briars and honeysuckle.
I also planted some marigold seeds yesterday that I had gotten from Mom's marigolds.  We are supposed to get quite a bit of rain, so I thought if I planted them between 2 sheets of bath tissue, that might keep them from being washed away.  I guess we'll see later on.  (One of the biggest problems might be distinguishing the marigold seedlings from the ragweed seedlings that volunteer everywhere.)

I like planting flower seeds.

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  1. Those will be beautiful. I can't wait until ours start blooming.