Friday, March 31, 2017

Rite of spring--planting garden peas

Yesterday, I conducted my annual spring ritual of planting garden peas, English peas as some folks call them.  I probably expended more energy prepping the bed than I will get from eating the peas, but I didn't want to discontinue my spring ritual.  Besides, I should be able to plant a fall crop of some sort in the same bed without a lot of additional work.  We've gotten a nice rain today to water them in.
Planting peas is a nice experience...  ...the fresh earthy smell of the soil, the air that is still cool with spring, a lady bug on my shoulder... 
If all goes well, in about 2 months, I should be getting a wonderfully fresh taste from the garden. 

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  1. I've never grown bean or peas, but I sure like them. Looks like they would be easier to pick with the fence type. I have picked a few, but not many.
    Terrible signal to stay on the net. It is off and on, mostly sitting here spinning. have a good weekend,