Friday, April 28, 2017

This iris takes the gold

About a year and a half ago, I transplanted some white and some gold iris rhizomes that I had gotten from Mom.  The first spring after that, the white irises bloomed, but the gold ones were using all their energy establishing themselves, I guess.  This spring the white ones were frozen in the bud by the March cold snap, so I was especially gratified when the gold ones, which bloom much later, showed fat buds.
I remember during my growing-up years, some of our "bathroom reading material" included either seed catalogues or electric co-op magazines which featured pages with many different varieties of bearded irises or gladiolus.  It was fun to look at the different colors and patterns and the creative names that were given to each.  I don't actually know the name of this bearded iris, but it is certainly a beauty in my mixed border.

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  1. All flowers are beautiful, some just more than others. I like how you associate many plants with family or special people. Sweet!