Sunday, April 9, 2017

A gravel or a frog?

Sometimes when I see an out-of-place gravel in the yard, I wonder if the kids next door threw it over (or if a gravel caught the edge of a car tire and was tossed into the yard).  Today, I saw what at first looked like a gray gravel atop the stub of a dead limb I had sawed off.  How in the world could they have thrown a gravel over the fence and had it land just so?  Aha, it was not a gravel at all; it was a gray tree frog.

Doesn't this look a bit like a gray granite gravel?


  1. I saw the title and came to say it is a Grog! LOL. Yep it sure doesn't look like a frog at first glance. On the first pic, it does look like a unique rock formation. LOL
    YOu be VERY observant!

  2. I've never seen a tree frog close up. That's an interesting photo.