Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bees in the blueberry blossoms

You may have heard that a popular breakfast cereal has removed their honeybee mascot from their cereal boxes to bring awareness to the declining population of honeybees.  One of the reasons cited for decline is loss of habitat.  I am thrilled to be providing a food source for the honeybees with some blueberry blossoms.  This afternoon when I inspected my bushes, they were ahum with bees.  I had seen some large carpenter bees for a few days, but today I saw honeybees, too.  The honeybees are probably traveling a half mile to visit these bushes.  They will help pollinate the blooms, so the bees and I have a mutually beneficial relationship.
If you'll notice the brown scarring on the left side of the left blossom, you will see where the bees have pierced the blossom to get at the nectar.  Sometimes, I see the bees at the open end of the blossom, but sometimes they just pierce the bloom.
I enjoyed watching and listening to the bees.  

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  1. Great pictures of the bee at what he does best. Glad enough survived the cold to supply the nectar. Good on your bushes! I did like the Ahum!