Friday, March 10, 2017

Pruning my muscadines

I pruned my two muscadine vines yesterday.  Here is a set of "before and after" pics.  These vines were pruned last year, so even though they looked unkempt, that is just one year's worth of growth.
If you're looking for a "how to" tutorial, you might find this Ison's video helpful.  In my opinion, it is an excellent video.
This diagram from the Alabama Extension Service shows a little more clearly what is meant by pruning it back to "2 buds."  The extension service is saying 2 to 3 and Ison's says 1 to 2.  I think most of my cuts were to 3 buds.
(From this publication:  ANR-53-L, New June 1999. Arlie Powell, Extension Horticulturist, Professor, David Himelrick, Extension Horticulturist, Professor, William Dozier, Professor, and Dave Williams, Extension Horticulturist, Associate Professor, all in Horticulture at Auburn University)
I'm looking forward to this in the fall.
I may have to try a pie or something this year if I get a decent crop.  I came across a muscadine dreamcake recipe at a nursery this past year.  The pie looks divine, but I would probably alter it, using ingredients more readily available to me.
If you are deliberating about getting a muscadine, I highly recommend taking the plunge.


  1. I have tried for years to get a muscadine or grape vine. Finally Sherry found one just behind where our motor home used to park. (Sister Shirl lives there Now). I did form the vine on a wire and have pruned it, not knowing a thing about pruning. I jsut cut it back. It has been several years now but I am never there in the fall or late winter. The muscadines are small. it is a wild vine. But it does produce fruit every year. I would love to have some big fat ones, some like you are holding. Maybe one day I will be back there and play with the vine again. This was informative. I did like the video, thanks for the info.

    1. The big fat ones I have are from a cultivated variety; your wild ones will not likely ever be that big even under ideal conditions. It's possible, though, that they could taste as good or better.

  2. I did not realize the vines were cut back that far, that surprised me!!!