Sunday, March 19, 2017


There is a good-sized pond about a quarter of a mile from here as the crow flies, or perhaps I should say as the osprey flies.  I was strolling around the yard as I'm wont to do on a Sunday afternoon, and I saw what I thought might have been a bald eagle.  After a minute I realized it had circled back.  (It seemed to be flying over the area of the power line that runs alongside the far side of my neighbor's property.)  I fetched my camera in hopes that I would get a third glimpse.
(This was the best shot.)
When I came back out with my camera, the first shot was quite distant even zoomed in, 
but then the bird obliged me by flying overhead.  I'm pretty sure it's an osprey.

Off into the wild blue yonder...


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  1. It looks like an osprey to me but I'm no authority.