Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Yellow-bellied sapsucker

I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count again this year even though it is not nearly as enjoyable as it was when darling son was interested in doing it with me.
I relied on sound even when I wasn't able to spot the bird.  I did hear the yellow-bellied sapsucker, but I didn't count it because I wasn't sure which kind of woodpecker I was hearing.  A few days after the count, though, I saw the female yellow-bellied sapsucker on the sugar maple out front.  I enjoy watching a woodpecker.  According to the maps, the yellow-bellied sapsucker is a winter bird here in central NC and will be heading farther north for the summer breeding season.
(The colors really blend with the bark on the maple.)

1 comment:

  1. That was my first impression, the dude sure is camouflaged. I enjoy birds,as a kid the woodpecker was my favorite.