Monday, November 14, 2016

Red-tailed hawk

Yesterday morning, I could see a hawk in the scraggly pine beyond my neighbor's house where the vultures often perch.  From my window, even zoomed in as far as my camera could go, I could only get this.
Then I put my camera up to the eyepiece of my binoculars.  That was an interesting experiment.  It's not a crisp shot, but it brings the bird close enough for identification.
I did see a crow swoop down toward the hawk.  Later I noticed the hawk was gone and there were a few crows perched in the tree.  By that time the sun was warming things up, and I guess the hawk was soaring on a thermal and looking for prey.


  1. Wow! I be never thought of trying to use binoculars with my camera. I may try that with shots Odom the night sky.

    1. A bean bag or a bag of unpopped popcorn can be a handy device to place under the binoculars to help hold them in the position you want.
      I like your idea of trying that with the night sky. I should try photographing the moon that way.