Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Keeping it real--kind of

Today was one of those days that I wonder if what I'm doing even makes sense.  I loaded a big pile of weeds into the wheelbarrow.  Should I be proud of all the work that represents or just ashamed I let the weeds get so badly out of hand?  Anyway, here goes.
Meanwhile, the pansies are looking quite cheery.  We are in a drought, so I watered them (and added a little more compost).

A few days ago when I went out in the morning to do some of that weeding, I noticed the moon setting and tried to take a picture through my binoculars (like I had done the hawk).  I wasn't really satisfied with the result, but I was quite amused that a bird had crossed the view just as the shutter snapped.  I do like the blue sky and white moon next to the reddish leaves of the neighbor's ornamental pear.
I raked a considerable amount of pine straw at my neighbor's house today, and I also sawed off a large portion of the Leyland cypress trunk (roughly 11" diameter, depending on where you measure) with the bow saw.  Let's just call that interesting.  Again, I could be proud of being such a tough cookie or just feel stupid for not letting someone come in with a chainsaw.
And if I ruled the world, pine straw would be one word: pinestraw (as would butterbeans).


  1. That's backbreaking work but I love doing it. But, sadly I haven't done a good job this fall either.

  2. I smiled when I saw the Wheelbarrow (Wheelbar), Since I went out after dark and took a picture of the load of roots I have. LOL
    Neat picture of the moon and since a kid I have loved pansies.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.