Saturday, November 5, 2016

Beans, collards, butterfly, Texas mallow

We've had a couple of light frosts, but my butter beans were protected by the limbs on the apple tree.  I thought it was pretty neat to pick butter beans on November 5.  I shelled out a generous 3/4 cup from this little dab right here that darling husband will enjoy for lunch tomorrow.
I also picked a few leaves off the collard plants.  I like to pick a few leaves at the time and eat them while they are young and tender.
Meanwhile, the butterflies are enjoying the season's last blooms. I saw a monarch the other day.  As soon as I fetched my camera, it decided to fly higher and higher up into a pine tree.  I was surprised to see it go that high. I took my camera back inside.  When I came back out, I looked up into the pine to see if I could see it.  Nope. Then I looked and saw it was right under my nose.  We played a little cat and mouse. I gave up that day, but I did manage to get a shot the next day of the monarch in the same vicinity.  Not a very good shot--this butterfly was not one to pose for me.
The Texas mallow has bloomed very well this year.  The camera picked up the sun shining through the blossom, making it look like it has yellow, but it really doesn't.  For some reason this camera just can't handle the scarlet color of these blooms. These blooms are great for the hummingbirds.
We'll probably get another frost tonight.  The beans and the mallow won't like it, but the collards will only be improved by it.


  1. Good pictures. I must not have the patience to get a good picture of a butter fly, you do very good at it.
    You sound like may mama, about the collards. She knew which leaves to fix when! She made some of the best. I would bet you do a good job of it.

    Love from Florida

  2. Our garden was pitiful this year because we had very little rain. I'll have a small irrigation system installed before next growing season. Your beans and collards will be yummy.