Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last of the summer roses

I had a chance to stop by my mother's house yesterday afternoon.  I noticed a bloom on her pink rose bush.  I don't know what kind of rose it is, but I don't know of another that has as many petals.  It is one my aunt gave her many years ago.
I also saw a bloom on the red rose.  I made a mental note to cut the two blooms since a killing frost was forecast.  Just as I was leaving, I saw a white bloom on the musk rose (the one I call Grandpa's rose).  I dashed over and cut it off as well.
Meanwhile back at my house, I'm enjoying the last two blooms on the yellow Anthony Meilland rose that I bought for my husband quite a few years ago.
Farewell, roses, till next spring.

1 comment:

  1. The rose is such a high profile flower, and is beautiful. I cannot remember the names of course, but traveling around to different rose gardens, it is sure easy to appreciate them.

    Love the yellow rose. Every time I see one I think of John Wayne and a movie I sneaked off to see when it was a sin. "The Yellow Rose of Texas".

    One thing you miss in Florida is definite season changes. However it is cooler here.
    Love from Florida.