Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Late-blooming azalea

Usually the weather is not favorable for my late-blooming azalea, but this year has been great.  After having lost last year's blooms to the hailstorm, I think the azalea made up with an extra profusion of blooms this year.

The peony is in bloom as well.
The green and gold that I took a few divisions from seems to be thriving in the extra space (and the extra rain we've been having).  The plant almost looks heart shaped.
May flowers!

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  1. I planted some late blooming azaleas at one house, and they actually bloom later than the majority of azaleas in town. Wonder how do they know? LOL
    Beautiful flowers.

    We have had buckets of rain. If we get to walk tomorrow I want to get some of the may flowers we pass.

    Sweet entry!