Monday, May 2, 2016

Gold-backed snipe fly

This morning when I stepped out to pick the asparagus, I saw a couple of insects on the broad leaf of a burdock weed.  (I have more burdock than asparagus.)  I wondered if the insects were detrimental or beneficial, so I hurried back inside to find their identification.  I love how quickly the internet helps me find information, and in fairly short order, I determined they were gold-backed snipe flies.  (Their death sentence was commuted.)  But even the internet doesn't know much about them, and I quote from, "Not much is known about the Gold-Backed Snipe Fly."  I venture to say from the looks of things, there will soon be more to observe.
The female, on the left, has a stouter body with eyes farther apart.  The male, on the right, has a slimmer body and larger eyes that are closer together.

I did find a half dozen spears of asparagus.  I typically cut it into small lengths and microwave it for a couple of minutes in a little water with butter, salt, and pepper.
Well, that's what's happening in Bonnie's garden today.  Hope things are growing in yours.

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  1. I'm not much on commuting sentences on insects, but I don't do much gardening, although I did plant two tomato plants and tried to plant some 'sticks' my sister calls the butterfly bush. I do hope they live.

    I do not remember EVER seeing that insect before.