Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Inspiration and perspiration

Several weeks ago, I spent quite a bit of time digging up raspberry roots that were invading the area near the apple tree.  As I dug out the roots with the spading fork, I noticed that I was practically tilling the whole area.  Then it dawned on me that I might be able to plant something there.  The area is close enough to the apple tree to get some shade, but since it is the south side of the apple tree it gets some sun as well.  I looked for a crop that could tolerate a lower pH than the garden since I haven't adjusted the naturally acid soil under the apple tree.  I chose lima beans.  According to my Wyatt Quarles planting guide, the best pH for lima beans is 5.5 to 6.5.  (I can't eat lima beans; maybe I'm sensitive to the cyanide in them.  They burn my tongue and give me horrible heartburn.  My husband likes them, though, so if these beans produce, they will be for him.)
I mulched the area between the 2 rows with cardboard that siding came in. 
Here's a little loop of stem just emerging.
Here is the row of little bean sprouts.
The bean project was my inspiration.
My ongoing project (and this is where the perspiration comes in) is trying to get a handle on all the poison ivy.  While the house next door is vacant, I have been trying to pull up some poison ivy that is growing on the other side of the fence (which actually is still a couple of feet on my property).
You can see the large pile of honeysuckle, poison ivy, and sundry saplings that I have stacked by the fence.  That's about 3-hours' worth of work, and with long sleeves to cover my skin, pretty sweaty work.
I think I should remember to put lemonade on the grocery list.


  1. Cyanide? Now your scared me(smile) I like lima beans, or did!
    YOu are one working lady, but what are you doing up at this hour? LOL

    I don't khow a thing about planting, but We returned fhome from a T-ball game to find a step full of some diggings (I learned were 'Irishes?). Now I have to plant more stuff.
    I have a tomato the size of the tip of my little finger! and my 'butterfly plants' I rooted (?) are mostly surviving. I am still 'misting' them.

    I will never know what you know, but it is fun seeing the things I accidentally grow.
    I enjoyed the post and pictures. THANKS!

    1. Good for you with your butterfly bushes! I say as long as you are having enough successes to keep you going, it doesn't matter if there are a few things here and there that don't work out.