Monday, December 14, 2015

No pics of parade or park

I had a couple of nice outings this past weekend with nary a pic to show for it.  Friday I had a nice lunch with my friend Lea at Olive Garden.  We enjoyed a comforting chicken gnocchi soup with salad and breadsticks.  I always know I'm in a judgment-free zone with my friend Lea, so I enjoy talking to her.  After lunch, we went over to Joyner Park to see if there were any pecans left.  We did find some.  Then we sat on a bench and reminisced about our sons' days of homeschool basketball while we watched a humongous monstrosity of a kite.  From a web search, I surmise it was called a flowform kite.  The kite was like a black and white monster face with red eyes.  The tail tubes were striped with black and white rings.  It was a very dramatic sight, but I can't really imagine it being much more fun than the small size kite that you run like mad to get up in the air. 
(I'm thinking a little airplane-shaped kite I have in the shed (if I haven't thrown it away) was a flowform kite.  It was a small kite that never flew very well; it just wasn't balanced right and the nose always tended to point down.  It needed lots more wind to get up in the air.)
I have to mention the kite I had when my sister and I were at the beach with friends (once upon a time when I was young).  I was sailing my kite over the inland waterway back of the condo when the string broke or else the kite got away from me.  It's been so long since it happened, I don't remember that detail.   The kite landed in a strip of marsh grasses out in the water.  I talked some guys in a boat into fetching it for me.  (It didn't take much to talk them into it.  When you have a boat and free time, you do things just because you can!)  They came back with my kite and one guy asked, "Is this it?"
I thought to myself, "Man, that is the dumbest question I have ever heard."
He added, "There's lots of 'em out there."  Ah! That explained his question.
I think Lea and I should add "fly a kite" to our list of things to do next year.  In typical nonjudgmental fashion, she gave me permission to carry over till next year the things left on my list from this year. 

The other event I should have had my camera for was the local Christmas parade.  It was just the right size.  Fire trucks, a marching band, some floats, the Grinch, beauty queens, old cars, horses, motorcycles, ATV's, and good ole Santy Claus.  Son Caleb was on a float playing bluegrass music.  His friend Amy organized the float and fed the participants breakfast.  I'm assuming the Turnages provided the trailer because it advertised "Belinda's Pumpkins and Gourds."
I hope someone somewhere took a picture of the float.  If I come across one, I will put it on my blog.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

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