Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weldon and Historic Halifax

Caleb and I passed through Weldon and Historic Halifax yesterday.  We took a little time to look at the Weldon Rapids on the Roanoke River and at the museum and some of the old buildings in Historic Halifax.  I would love to go back when I could spend a little more time.  Here are some pics.



Do you like visiting historic sites?


  1. Okay, Caleb B like Sherry. You are always taking my back side.
    I imagine the kayak(ers) like those rapids. The architecture is neat, but the 90degree yellow house looks like a giant mirror is being held in middle, neat.

    I did not know about the Rock Fish Capitol.

    And YES we enjoy historical places. Take care we are sitting at 100 degrees lately.

  2. In this weatehr the water looks inviting enough to jump in! ;-o