Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dragonflies decorate the shed

Last evening when I went to put the tools in the shed, I noticed several dragonflies on the wall of the shed.  I was pleasantly surprised at how ornamental it looked; it almost made me want to paint black dragonflies on the shed.
I saw 8 on the shed at one time.  They would light on the shed wall or roof and periodically fly out over the yard (I'm presuming, to snag an insect).

Because of the variation in appearance of the different dragonflies, I thought I was seeing more than one species; however, when I looked up information on dragonflies, I concluded I was seeing male and female of one species, the common whitetail skimmer.

(mature male that has developed pruinescence on its adomen)

The scientific name is libellula lydia, which to me sounds pretty funny.  One thing I haven't found is whether they make a clicking noise.  I thought I heard them make a clicking noise in flight, but maybe I just got buzzed by a hummingbird.
I hope they ate lots of gnats and mosquitoes.


  1. I have never noticed the different designs on their transparent wings. I remember as a kid on the creeks, we called the snake doctors. I have often wondered where that name came from.
    Very good pictures.

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