Saturday, June 6, 2015

Roger that

Yesterday was one of those days.  I wasn't feeling all that great to begin with, and then I got a call in the late afternoon from Roger telling me to pick him up at a "wrecker place" over 3 hours from here.  I had noticed my volt light was on, and that ended up being more trouble.  I had decided that I would drive to where my husband was without stopping because I was afraid if I cut my car off, it would not restart.  After being on the road a while, I noticed something really weird.  When I turned on my signal to change lanes, I saw the speedometer needle hiccup.  Then a little rain shower came through and the windshield wipers moved very slowly.  "Uh oh, this is bad."  I was thinking, "If I don't hurry, the sun will go down and burning the headlights will make this worse, but if I do hurry, I might use more gas and have to refuel before I reach my destination."  I was beginning to keep a mental note of each exit number I passed so if I broke down, I could tell someone where I was.  When I saw a sign for a rest area, I thought it would be wise to go ahead and stop where there were facilities and a nice place to wait.  Sure enough, when I pulled into the parking space, I could feel the power steering going.  And no, she wouldn't restart.  I started trying to bum a phone.  You've probably heard of white privilege or male privilege, but I suspect a female has a little advantage when begging a phone (although I was turned down twice first).  God bless the young mother with the NC license plate that let me use her phone (and have mercy on the guy with the Maryland plates that claimed he didn't have one, lol).
As briefly as I could, I left a message with my brother who lives in that area, and called Roger and gave him my brother's number and my location.
Then I waited.  I had no idea how Roger would decide to work it out.  So I didn't know whether I would see my brother drive up to pick me up or whether Roger might pull up in a rental car, but at this point, the worrying and figuring out what to do was out of my hands.  After a while, a pink tow truck came flying into the parking lot and stopped right by my car.  "Okay, so I'm getting a tow, I guess" I said to myself.  But before I got towed, I wanted to make sure it was Roger who had arranged this.  At least 3 people at the rest area (including the attendant) knew I was stranded.  The young lady whose phone I borrowed offered twice to call the Highway Patrol for me.  So I wanted to make sure it wasn't someone else who had sent for the truck.
"Who sent you?"  I asked the cocky tow truck driver.
"Roger did!  He said to pick up a white Lumina in the rest area parking lot and you're the only Lumina here." 
"Okay."  Tow truck drivers aren't my favorite people and this guy was a talkative Yankee on top of that... bless his heart.
"So where are we towing this?" he asked. 
(How am I supposed to know that?  All the arrangements were made by someone else without my knowledge and by someone with no way to contact me and let me know.)  "Well, where did Roger tell you to tow it??"
Somehow we weren't connecting well.  He did mention something about someone meeting him there.  I hoped that someone was someone besides just me, but I had no way to know.  He suggested he would go ahead and start loading the car and then would call Roger to find out where to tow it.  Somewhere in the conversation, I had gotten exasperated with his yammering and said, "I'm cool.  Are you cool?"
I let him know I was "stranded and without a cell phone," hoping he could see that I wasn't in on the arrangements or communications.  It amused me how that brought out the prince in him, and he assured me he could give me a ride and that he wouldn't just leave me stranded.  I determined I would definitely find out from Roger where I was supposed to be when we found out where the car was going.  I definitely did not want to be waiting (stranded) at a garage somewhere if someone was expecting to pick me up at the rest area.  I'm a people watcher, and I was also amused to see a quiet, neat middle-aged man a little way down the parking lot.  I got the feeling that he overheard our exchanges and was delaying leaving until he was sure I was okay.  He was very unobtrusive and inconspicuous about it, and I might have read him wrong (I do have a good imagination), but it makes me feel good to know there are quiet protectors who watch out for their fellow man.
Just as the tow truck driver was starting to load the car, my older brother arrived... a smiling farmer with bib overalls and no shirt.
"Hello, Farmer!"  I was glad to see him, and his timing was good.
My brother was very amiable and struck up a conversation with the tow truck driver.  "How long have you been working for Roger?"
Hahahaha.  So the Roger that sent him is his boss.  Not only did the tow truck driver and I not know where the other was coming from (how could a stranded driver not know where she wanted the car towed), we weren't even talking about the same Roger.  Roger that.

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  1. WOW, now I am smiling not sure if I am supposed to laugh or not, but I am anyway. Sounds like the Whose of first skit! I am assuming since the story didn't end nasty, that it all worked out and the Rogers were straitened out.

    Sorry t hear about the car trouble. Seems since the FIT was buried cars ain't been good to y'all.
    I hope the car trouble wasn't too bad, the experience was bad enough. But it did make a great story. One to tell the grand kids. ;-).