Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sun dogs, sunsets

I love winter skies.  Frequently you can see the sun reflecting off the ice crystals in high clouds, making what some folks refer to as sun dogs.  This afternoon while I was out doing some yard work, I could see sun dogs on the left and right side of the sun.  Then I noticed above the sun an upper tangent arc.  In fact, I could see the halo between the upper tangent arc and the sun dog on the left.  Alas, by the time I got my camera, the view had changed.  I still captured a few pictures of the sun dogs on the left and right of the sun, though.
The one on the right...
...and the one on the left.

I'll leave you with a sunset picture I took a week or so ago.
Do you enjoy sky watching?

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  1. Beautiful skies. Love the sun dogs. We have clear skies down this way today. We are just south of Canaveral to help son-Mark for a couple days. We are beat tonight. Doing two bathrooms in two and a half days.

    Love to all and a Merry Christmas....