Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hanging round the mistletoe

Last Saturday night we three Knoxes sang at the Ridgeway Opry House.  One of the selections was "Hanging Round the Mistletoe," which is a cute little song with an upbeat tempo.  Someone sent me a link to the rendition we did there maybe two years ago.  It was a little painful to watch--I sure hope we did a better job this time--but it gives you an idea of what we sound like.

That catchy little tune has been running through my mind, and when I stepped outside this afternoon I thought I saw some mistletoe in the neighbor's tree.  Caleb was sure I just had "mistletoe on my brain."  We don't usually see mistletoe on the trees in this neighborhood.  Mainly he could see the silhouette of last summer's caterpillar webs around the edge of the tree, so he dismissed my sighting.  I pressed on, "Look a little closer to the center of the tree, on the right side, a little more than half way up."  On a closer inspection, he decided there was mistletoe there after all.
I walked over to the tree and said, "Come over here and get a good look while I stand right under it."
"No, I'm staying f-a-a-a-r away."  Then he volunteered, "I could climb up there and get it."
(Climbing up is really not as challenging as climbing down.)

Now, I just need to fasten this over a convenient doorway.


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  1. I liked to watch and Sherry liked it. Times like that I want to hear (smile). That long legged guy climbed that tree I want to tell you! Good on you Caleb!
    Take care and stay warm....