Monday, June 6, 2016

June's flowers

Here are some pictures of a few of the flowers that are blooming in my yard this month.

butterfly weed
crinum lily
blanket flower (I wasn't sure any were surviving, so this was a pleasant surprise.)
yellow coneflower (a delight to see it blooming for the first time since being planted last summer)


  1. Pretty entry. Is the butterfly weed like a butterfly bush? I am not sure of the lily I recently planted. But if my absence has saved what I planted (lilies and butterfly bushes) I will be happy. Maybe my 'black thumb' won't effect them.
    You seem to be blesses with enough love and understanding to have the flora cooperate.

    Love from the remnants of Colin.

    1. The butterfly bush is a much larger plant and usually its blooms are a purplish, bluish, lavender, or white color. But like the "weed," it will definitely attract the butterflies.