Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beetles, berries, balloon, binoculars

I have to make an alliteration every now and again.  The other day I put away my groceries and couldn't find my peppercorns.  I was in the process of calling the grocery store when I remembered I had also bought Pop-Tarts that I had not come across in putting away the groceries.  Aha!  I had one bag still left in the car with peppercorns, Pop-Tarts, and parmesan cheese.  Funny how that worked out.
I'm using b for my alliteration today.  It's the time of year to pick off Japanese beetles.  What a pest!
In the bucket are the ones I picked off Thursday; in the jug are the ones I picked off Friday.  I picked off some this evening as well.  They congregate on my Virginia creeper vine on the fence.  I go along and knock them off into the sudsy water.

I also picked a few blackberries around the edge of the yard where the briars are encroaching.  Not really enough to do anything with but snack on.  (No pic.)
About sundown I saw the hot air balloon go over.  It was almost directly overhead.

After sundown, I went out with my binoculars to look at some planets.  Jupiter was right next to the moon.  I could see one of Jupiter's moons through the binoculars.  In a different direction I could see Mars and Saturn.  It was pleasant outside so I sat for a while and enjoyed the night sky.
I'll give the day a grade B.


  1. So far the J beetles aren't too bad here. I did see one buried in a rose yesterday.
    I love hot air balloons, I had a offer of a 'tethered' chance, but that doesn't yank my chain. I would love to 'float' in one of those. It must be a very quiet time (between gas blasts)
    Leaving the bag is much better than leaving it at the store. LOL

  2. I love alliterations but those beetles are the spawn of Satan.