Monday, May 15, 2017

Door prize

Yesterday at church, I won one of the Mother's Day door prizes.  (I think God was laughing at me because they called my name first, a mere moment after I had murmured a snide remark about Pentecostals and lotteries.)  Then when I saw my door prize was a lovely lighthouse birdfeeder that is identical to the one my next-door neighbor has, I think God must have chuckled again.  They also gave me a bag of birdseed to go with it.  I will certainly enjoy using this door prize.
Darling son gave me a hanging basket that I will thoroughly enjoy as well.
The best gift of all, though, is time spent with those you love.



  1. I like the Mother's day gifts at church. My sister even won one at our church Sunday. Of course her's was nothing like yours. NEAT.
    Glad you had a good day with loved ones.

    Reference 'them' snide remarks, "That will learn you!"
    Love from the Piedmont!

    1. I have too much fun with my snide remarks to learn not to make them.