Friday, May 19, 2017

A few flora and fauna pics

A friend of mine was recently showing off some newly planted veronica.  I caught a picture of the gray hairstreak butterfly giving the planting its endorsement.

At the Zach Goforth Memorial River Run, I noticed the palisade walls of Indian Mound were needing some mud plaster maintenance.  The bluebirds didn't seem to mind the conditions--any post is a perch.
In my mixed border, the clematis that I rescued from next door is blooming.  I am letting it climb through Grandpa's white rose (and into the osmanthus, if it wants).
On a negative note, I found several leaf-footed bugs sucking the sap out of the top of one of my potato plants.  I knocked some of them into a bucket of sudsy water.  I'll be after the few that flew away because I know they'll be back.

(There was also one larva of a Colorado potato beetle that I dropped into the suds as well.  I had killed one beetle the other day.  Rarely do you see just one larva, so I will be inspecting the vines to see if there are more.)
The blue flora and fauna made me happy, and the brown one gave me the blues.


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  1. Love the butterfly but the bug ain't pretty! Never heard of the dude. But I never paid that much attention. It looks sorta like a stink bug except for the feet.