Monday, October 17, 2016

The pansy bed

Nearly every year I plant some pansies in the fall.  I always think of the poem my grandmother wrote in memory of my aunt who was killed in a car wreck.  Shortly before her death, my aunt had said, "We could have gone for pansies today."  The pansy bed was never to be, and my grandmother's poem was an appeal to Jesus to let my aunt tend the pansies in heaven.
Many years have passed, and I am now almost as old as my aunt was when she passed away.  I reflect on life and its twists and turns.  I'll plant pansies as long as I can.
Here is the little patch of Panolas I planted last Thursday.  It was nice to have my own compost for mulching.  I hope they can hang in there this week for some record high temperatures for October in central NC.


  1. SWEET! I like 'reasons' as well as spontaneity for doing things, but reasons are more interesting. I love pansies.

    A young friend, 'Pansy' passed away a few mounts ago, of course I said she was as pretty as a Pansy, she was such a sweetie.!

  2. Touching post Bonney. We plant pansies most years but not the year because of the heat.