Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

North Carolina has been getting pummeled with rain and wind from Hurricane Matthew today.  We've been fortunate not to have lost power here.  Our house is in the low spot in our subdivision, so we always get flooded in heavy rains.
Darling son is house sitting, but when I called to check on him today, he seemed content to hunker down where he was.
Darling husband is more like a caged lion.  He usually wants to go see for himself if things are as bad as the newscasters are reporting.  Fortunately he contented himself to staying in the yard and copying the reporters on TV.
A motor home that I've never seen here in the neighborhood parked at the edge of our yard today.  I assumed they were trying to find a place to ride out the storm.  (But who knows?)
I walked around the yard and looked at the "river" flowing through.
 I found a mushroom that looked like a gargantuan daisy.
Here is a shot of the backyard.

My few collard plants are windblown and flooded.

All in all, not too bad here on our property, relatively speaking.


  1. Thanks for the report. News is 'funny'. Of course we were inundated with news on TV using our antenna, but once it passed Daytona, back to regular programming. We knew it was going to be tough on up the coast. Sherry just told me tree were dead in NC from Matthew, sad.
    Praying all is safe for you and yours and of course that the storm dies soon!

  2. PS: Roger is a ham even off stage! LOL

  3. I'm glad you guys weathered the storm. I know the rain was a beast.