Sunday, October 9, 2016

One of my Leylands came down

Darling husband was up early this morning, blithely going about his way, stepping on a toad on the sidewalk (which I had the privilege of scooping up and discarding) and going to church to put on a pot of coffee for a service that had been canceled.  I had managed to go back to sleep when the phone rang with a robocall letting me know church was canceled due to power outages and downed power lines.  Something about that is just off--a person could sleep in because church was canceled except for that annoying telephone call to say church was canceled.
After I dutifully called darling husband to let him know church was canceled, I opened up the back door to let the threshold dry out where some rain had seeped in yesterday.  That's when I noticed some green foliage where it shouldn't have been.  It was interesting that in the millisecond before I realized what had happened that I had a positive emotional reaction to all the greenery!  Of course, it took less than a second to realize a tree was down.  It was one we had planted a little over 20 years ago.  I remember when we first planted that row of Leylands.  A few times we would arrive home to find the wind had blown them over.  I mulched them with the white gravel the previous owners had put around the foundation shrubs.  The gravel weighted down the rootballs enough to hold the trees up.  Well, this tree has blown over again, but on a much bigger scale. 
There will be no uprighting it with gravel this time, just lots of clean up.  I guess darling husband will eventually find out this tree is down after he's surveyed the rest of the county.


  1. I guess we are even, you lost one in NC and we lost one in Florida. However as I cleanded up after ours today I realized I was glad this one was down. It interfered with the coach on the side and much would have required trimming. I didn't plant it and didn't really care.

    HOwever if I had planted and watched it grow, it would have been a different story. We thought of you guys, but did not have access to the news. I didn't find much on the net about Matthew's mess. I did read today that it may the most expensive in history in damage. WE were blessed.

    Electricity is back on down here.

  2. Dang. You've had a rough few days. I really hope things have settled down.