Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wildflower--St. Andrew's Cross

Recently my older sister showed me a plant that she wanted to identify.  I wasn't familiar with it, but, as it turned out, I was familiar with one of it's relatives.  Of course, I only knew the relative by face and not by name.  The plant my sister was looking at was a pineweed, hypericum gentianoides.  It has a brown woody stem.  The relative I'm more familiar with is hypericum hypericoides, or St. Andrew's Cross.  I've loved this plant since childhood, probably because I thought the yellow blooms looked like butterflies, but also because I liked the shade of green and the brown contrasts.  I probably also liked the shape of the leaves, which give the plant a handsomeness and symmetry.  Here is a little specimen growing in the front yard under my sycamore tree.  (It is a relative of St. John's wort, a plant sometimes used medicinally to treat depression.  Just looking at this little plant lifts my mood.)

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  1. Of course I am not familiar with it, BUT but it does look amazingly like a butterfly. Love the color. As I meet folk on the net I am surprised at the folk who know fauna and flora by their 'Christian?' names, well their proper name anyway. We visited some wonderful knowledgeable folk in the wilds of Wisconsin who seemed to know the encyclopedia of plants as you do.
    Too late for this old brain. :-(