Monday, August 22, 2016

Finally, muscadines!

Quite longer ago than I would like to admit, my brother gave me a couple of muscadine vines.  For the longest time, they were not trellised.  (I'm pretty sure if my husband loved me, he would have trellised them for me.)  Finally, I had my father cut a few cedar posts for me.  My son and I started digging a hole for the post, but we were too close to the drain lines we realized as the hole filled in with smelly water.  Well, I just needed to move the vines (or basically a cutting from them), which I did.  Darling son and I put up the posts and string.  Later we upgraded to the proper #9 gauge galvanized wire.  The vines lived and soon fruited.  I think I might have gotten one or two grapes.  Then there were two years where the grapes formed and grew to half size before falling off prematurely.  Bummer!
Finally, this year, I have a small harvest.  This is a named cultivar, but I don't know what it is--my brother has long since forgotten which cultivar he gave me.  I've had tastier ones, but these do have a nice, soft hull that can be eaten.  When I was a kid, I would swallow the entire inside, seeds and all and spit out the hull.  I'm a little more leery about swallowing seeds now (thinking they might give me diverticulitis, I guess), so on these grapes, I ate the hulls and the inside but spit out the seeds.  Mom used to make a dish called grape hull pudding (which was a baked sort of pudding that is more like bread pudding than custard).  I'm thinking this variety would be great for that application.  I'll probably eat the few I have this year fresh.

Here are three large ones of the few I ate fresh yesterday.


  1. Love muscadines! I have since a kid. I always have eaten the entire inside, I used to eat the hull, still do if they are thin. Those are a good size. OUr wild ones behind Shirl's house are small but tasty. One of my favorite things as a kid was finding the wild ones in the woods.
    I have had NO luck with cuttings, Imma thinking my thumb is blue!

  2. We have wild muscadine a climbing trees at the barn. They are so sweet. And in winter when frost bites the vegetation off, I make Fall wreaths from the vines.