Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March weather--flowers and hail

The weather has been warmer than usual for March.  The vegetation that is affected by warm temperatures is coming out early.  I always enjoy seeing the flowers.  Sunday evening brought a rainbow.  Monday evening brought a hailstorm.  After having experienced the one that was so damaging last year, it was not pleasant to think about what might be happening again.  Fortunately, the hail in this storm was much smaller, dime sized. 
I'm talking about the weather because I dare not talk about politics.  Today is election day in my state.
How's your weather?



  1. We have spring in the Piedmont, we just hope it continues. Hey, even the dime size hail does a lot of damage. Fortunately we have had none. We leave out for Advance, NC in a couple days. Then a visit to Durham for the operation, and a new ear!

    The pictures are NICE!

  2. Our peach tree bloomed yesterday but we will have frost this weekend :( I'm hoping it won't be a hard frost.
    I love your photos.