Thursday, March 10, 2016

A "narrow fellow in the grass"

Yesterday at the botanical gardens, we saw a little snake--maybe the groundhog was right about the early spring.  It was a little brown snake.  As wary as he was, he still allowed me to get a close up.  I was amused at how the close up in the late afternoon sun makes him look like a big snake on a sun-drenched rocky terrain, when in actuality, he was just "a narrow fellow in the grass."  You can see by the pathway gravel and pine needle how small the snake actually is.
For those who aren't fond of snakes, perhaps you might enjoy seeing another sign of the unusually warm weather--an early azalea bloom.
How's the weather at your place?


  1. I don't mind snakes as long as they do not rattle or be copper colored. ;-) I love Azalea time. I tis good to see the leaves popping out over here.

  2. Very nice. There's a type of little snake call a ring neck. They're smaller than a pencil and very docile.
    Lovely pictures.